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"I listen a lot to KAT-TUN, EXILE, Fukuyama Masaharu and L'arc-en-ciel. Kame's my ichiban♥, I love tacchan, maru, koki and junno too♥ I also like Nino and Ohno from Arashi♥ They're great actors♫~ I like Nakai Masahiro and Katori Shingo from SMAP and I adore all of TOKIO♫ I'm also into Japanese Baseball not because of kame :)" "I draw a lot~ I'm a fanartist~ I've drawn loads of KAT-TUN :) and I'm actually trying to branch out so there would be other stuff to see in my fanart blog^^ anyhow~ nice to meet you♥ Though please be reminded that I hate trolls~ and I won't add anyone of whom i haven't spoken to in my fanart blog, because this one though holds old fanarts is now not being updated with new ones." "I like reading fandom stories with less smut or nc-17 content and likes more compelling heart touching stories♥. I've got lots of pairings but my favorite would be ryokame♥ and I really wanna see a drama with Kame and Nino on it (T^T) I wonder when I'll be able to see them act together *runs away crying*"

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